fuck you

fuck you

semi-early this morning i woke up laughing at this thought, it was so hilarious i had to write it down. It’s one of those “only funny in the early morning daze of sleep” sort of things but i thought i’d share

I though it would be hilarious if the family in twilight’s (the cullens) last name was really Fugman. I laughed out loud it was so funny. Like, when you choose to “sacrifice” your life to join their family you get to be beautiful and smart and strong and immortal, not really a sacrifice at all. But if their last name was Fugman it would be a little harder to choose. Sure i can live forever, but my last name would have to be Fugman.

Fugman is a funny word, just say it aloud an try not to smile.

Fugman :)



When teachers give you an assignment and say: “this isn’t the type of assignment you can do the night before it’s due”…


i want to make all my friends do this ;)